Center for Human Health and the Environment
University-wide center to help encourage and enhance environmental health science research at NC State, East Carolina, and North Carolina Central University.

GenX Exposure Study

Here’s where you can learn more about the GenX Exposure Study.  It was featured in Fortune magazine.

ISA Study

The ISA Study (el Programa Infantes y Salud Ambiental) is a prospective birth cohort of women and their children in the banana growing region of Costa Rica.  My colleague Berna van Wendel de Joode started this cohort.

Agricultural Health Study  
Largest study of farmers and their spouses for the evaluation of the human health effects of pesticides.  We’re trying to develop methods to digest the papers from this to glean more information to learn about biological mechanisms of disease.

Chancellor’s Faculty of Excellence Program
I was hired as part of the cluster hire in Environmental Health Sciences.

Environmental Health Perspectives
With lots of good information for scientists and the public alike, this is THE journal for environmental health sciences.